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DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

This fragrant, homemade sugar scrub gently exfoliates while it moisturizes your skin. It’s all-natural and costs pennies to make with pantry ingredients.

We were zipping through Target the other day, and Little Peanut (age 8) was gushing over the stinky bath products. She loves their bright colors and yummy smells, but I don’t like her putting lots of chemical products on her body. So when she spotted a tiny jar of sugar scrub for $15, I told her we would make our own.

She couldn’t believe that we could make sugar scrub until I reminded her that we’ve made our own lip balm and natural Febreze, with great success.

Making our own body care products is an important part of creating our non-toxic home. The fewer toxic chemicals we have on and in our bodies, the better.

When we got home from the store, we made and tested a few different combinations. This was our favorite!

Lemon Sugar Scrub Ingredients

DIY Sugar Scrub has just 3 simple ingredients and costs about 50 cents to make.

  • Regular granulated sugar is the easiest and least expensive sugar to use in your scrub. You can substitute half of the granulated sugar with brown sugar if you’d like. If you have sensitive skin or are using your scrub on your face, use superfine sugar or castor sugar.
  • You can use any carrier oil that you like in your scrub, but I prefer avocado oil because it’s great for skin, inexpensive, and odorless.
  • Homemade dried lemon peel adds more exfoliation as well as a lovely scent.
  • You can also use dried herbs/flowers, or a few drops of essential oil.

Using Your Sugar Scrub

Wet your body in the tub or shower, massage a scoop of the sugar mix all over your skin, and rinse. Be careful–the oil will make it slippery! I especially like to use it to soften the rough skin on my heels and elbows.

Your Lemon Sugar Scrub will keep for at least a month on the bathroom counter. Try not to let water get in the jar when you’re using it, because it won’t last as long.

Written by Sarah

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